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Welcome to Loma Linda School of Tropical & Preventive Medicine blog

Welcome to a site dedicated to
The School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine
Loma Linda, CA

The STPM Building

[Please Note: This site is a private endeavor and not directly associated with Loma Linda University.]

"The scientific standing of a medical school is based upon the amount of high quality research work that is done and not by the number of graduates that it turns out each year."

- Bruce W. Halstead

This site is being created as an information source on the story of The School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda, California. This is a cooperative effort with anyone associated with STPM being encouraged to contribute. We Will be building this site as we go along and we want to include as many pictures, stories, research information, and biographical profiles as possible.

Please check out the LIST OF PEOPLE we started that were associated with STPM. If we have any information on a person you will be able to CLICK on that name. If the name does not have a link then we still need what ever information you may be able to contribute.

This site is also part of a comprehensive publication project now in progress and being undertaken by Larry D. Halstead, son of Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. and in conjunction with the valuable irreplaceable cooperation of Raymond Ryckman, Phd. Anyone that worked at, or with, The School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine is encouraged to participate in the preservation of the history of the school. There is very little source documentation available and there is volumes of information that needs to be included in this project so please help if you can.

For more information on how you can help please send email to:


Please check back often. Since this site is under construction there will be new material being added all the time.

Thanks for your help!
Larry D. Halstead

"With a school of tropical medicine C.M.E. (Loma Linda University) has an opportunity of making an outstanding contribution to the scientific world."
- Bruce W. Halstead

To Read Doctor Halstead's 1947 Vision for Loma Linda and Research at STPM - CLICK HERE

Ariel View of Loma Linda Campus during STPM Era

"Research will be encouraged .. Definite measures will be taken to make worthwhile contributions to some of the lesser known branches of medicine."
- Bruce W. Halstead

1947 Proposed Building For
The School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine
F. Harvey Slocombe, Architect
and Leland R. Raymond, Associate

The April 15, 1947 copy of "The Medical Evangelist"
announcing the formation of the
School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine

"The STPM will provide a greater stimulus toward directing the attention of both undergraduate and graduate students to a career in foreign mission work."
- Bruce W. Halstead
Picture of Bruce W. Halstead
as it appeared in the April 15, 1947
"The Medical Evangelist"
with his Vision for

School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine

Page Three of the April 15, 1947
"The Medical Evangelist" with the
Bruce W. Halstead Vision for

School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine
[To Read Full Text]

"We must push back the veil of medical ignorance through the efforts of Loma Linda graduates and faculty members engaged in what the scientific world has termed - research."
- Bruce W. Halstead

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