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STPM - Research

Research at
The School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine

Loma Linda, CA

This POST is all about the research that was being conducted at the School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda, California. While still under construction, the goal for this POST is as follows:

1). Compile a chronological list of all research projects during the STPM time frame, starting in 1948 and continuing until the STPM was slowly and systematically dismantled between the years of 1958 through 1967.

2). Catalog the work of each research scientist, what projects they were working on, time period involved, and the grant sources supporting that research.

3). Document the research with whatever photographs and film footage that may still be available.

This site is a private endeavor and not directly associated with Loma Linda University. This is a cooperative effort, anyone associated with STPM is being encouraged to contribute. We Will be building this site as we go along and we want to include as many pictures, stories, research information, and biographical profiles as possible.

Doctor Bruce W. Halstead
Research Scientist at STPM

This site is also part of a comprehensive publication project now in progress. This project is being undertaken by Larry D. Halstead, son of Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. and in conjunction with the valuable irreplaceable cooperation of Raymond Ryckman, Phd. To submit information about research at STPM please send an email to: larrydhalstead@gmail.com

To Read Doctor Halstead's 1947 vision for Loma Linda and Research at STPM - CLICK HERE

Doctor Halstead was the Co-founder of the School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine. For thirteen years leading up to 1948, he had been trained in tropical medicine, specimen collection, parasitology, slide preparation, specimen identification, ichthyology, botany, marine biology, and other natural sciences at the Golden Gate Academy of Sciences while earning degrees in biology from San Francisco City College, zoology at UC Berkeley, and medicine at Loma Linda.

From its inception in 1948 Doctor Halstead pioneered the existence of research at Loma Linda under the newly formed School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine. During the period from 1948 through 1958, Doctor Halstead worked on an array of research projects that resulted in ninety publications culminating in his first book in 1958 entitled: "Dangerous Marine Animals".

To see a complete list of Doctor Halstead's Publications - CLICK HERE

Doctor Halstead left Loma Linda and the STPM in 1958 to begin his own research facility called World Life Research Institute (WLRI). World Life became the home for all of Doctor Halstead's research until his death in 2002. That research continued into the investigation of drugs from the sea and jungles, and then evolved into his work pioneering new health modalities.

To learn more about World Life Research Institute - CLICK HERE


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