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STPM - People

Welcome to a site dedicated to
The School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine
Loma Linda, CA

This site is being created as an information source on The School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda, California. This site is a private endeavor and not directly associated with Loma Linda University. This is a cooperative effort with anyone associated with STPM being encouraged to contribute. We Will be building this site as we go along and we want to include as many pictures, stories, research information, and biographical profiles as possible.

This site is also part of a comprehensive publication project now in progress. This project is being undertaken by Larry D. Halstead, son of Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. and in conjunction with the valuable irreplaceable cooperation of Raymond Ryckman, Phd.


Bruce W. Halstead, M.D.

Raymond Ryckman, PhD.

A Report To Our Friends 1951 - Our Personel
(to see list CLICK HERE)

Cast of Characters
Please Note - This initial list is being compiled from several sources and is meant as a starting point only. We are actively seeking additional names, biographical information and history with STPM, on as many people as possible. If you have any information to contribute it would be greatly appreciated. Please email all information to: larrydhalstead@gmail.com

Abbott, Donald H., - B.S., M.D., D.N.B., F.A.C.S., L.R.C.P.&S.
(Edin.), F.I.C.S., Instructor, Clinical Tropical Medicine

Arakawa, Kenneth - B.A.,
-(July – 1951) - Entymology
Research Fellow, Department of Microbiology (Parasitology)

Ames, Charles D.O.
-(after July 1951) – Entymology

Arendt, Gladys

Azarowicz, Edward M.S., M.A.,
-(UCLA) Bacteriology/Microbiology Left STPM TT. 04-1952
Research Fellow, Department of Ichthyology and Herpetology

Beckner, Gordon B. - B.S., M.D., D.N.B., D.T.M.&H. (Lond.), L.R.C.P.&S.,
Instructor, Clinical Tropical Medicine

Bergland, Roy V. M.D.

Berglund, Leona Carscalon

Bunker, Norman, M.A. DDS
– (1950) Ichthyology
Research Fellow, Department of Ichthyology and Herpetology

Burnett, Howard
– Parasitology

Cao, Myra Webster
– Entymology Secretary

Chitwood, Myrna

Christianson, Christian Peter

Cummins, Joseph L. - B.A., B.S., M.D.,
Instructor, Clinical Tropical Medicine

Deen, Barbara A.
– Entymology Oct. 1952

Dysinger, William (Bill) P. M.D.

[Freewater, Milton] ?

Fischer, Karl – Dee Fischer

Folkes, Dale
– Entymology – deceased

Goe, Don
– Icthyology/Biotoxicology

Gray, Thela (?) M.

Groves, Kenneth - B.S., M.A., deceased
– Icthyology 1950
Research Fellow, Department of Ichthyology and Herpetology

Habekost, Allan L.

Habekost, Robert C.

Halstead, Bruce W. - B.A., M.D. – deceased
Head, Department of ichthyology and Herpetology

Harding, Mervyn G. M.D.

Hardt, William H. M.D.

Hessel, Don PhD
- Biotoxicology

Kannenberg, Doras F.

Kannenberg, Stanley – deceased
– Parasitology

Kessel, John - Ph.D.,
Visiting Lecturer, Clinical Tropical Medicine

Kittle, Dallas B. -B.A., M.D.,
-Nutritionist, 1951 – Class of 1928
Instructor, Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine (Tropical Nutrition)

Krohne, Harold
– Entymology c/o Linda Gardon

Lee E. Olsen, DDS
- Entymology

Lee, Robert D. - B.S., M.S.
– (1951) Entymology
Research Fellow, Department of Entomology

Lemon, Frank R. M.D. - 1953, 990, T.T. Jan. 1954

Lindt, Chester (after July 1951)
- Entymology

Macpherson, Walter E.
President, College of Medical Evangelist

Roger D. M.D.
– Entymology

Montague, Joseph Franklin M.D., F.A.C.S.,
Visiting Lecturer, Clinical Tropical Medicine

Mozar, Harold N. M.D., D.N.B.,
Head, Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine
Director, School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine

Murray, Milton
– Public Relations

Ocampo, Ralph M.D.
– Icthyology since July 1951

Ollis, Don
– Photographer

Palmer, (Mrs. William) Marjorie S.
– Secretary Entymology (Oct. - 1952)

Parmelee, Warren E. M.D.,

Perkins, Curtis L. -B.A.,
- Bacteriology 1951,in charge 04/1952
Assistant, Department of Microbiology

Ryckman, Raymond -B.S., PhD
(Sept 1 – 1950) Entymology
Head, Department of Entomology

Schwandt, (Mrs. Allan L.) Celene Hooper
- Secretary

Shakespeare, Paul – deceased
– Public Relations

Sharfenberg, Richard deceased

Shryock, E. Harold - B.S., M.D., M.A., D.N.B.,
Dean, School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine

Slater, James M. M.D.

Smith, Dunbar W. B.S., M.D., D.N.B., D.T.M.&H.,
Instructor, Clinical Tropical Medicine.

Spencer, Dean (Oct. 1952)
– Entymology

Teel, Charles Jr.

Wagner, Edward D. -B.A., M.S., PhD
- (1953) -Parasitology
Acting Head, Department of Microbiology

Walden, Richard T. M.D.

Westphal, Edward A. - B.S. M.D., D.N.B.
Instructor, Clinical Tropical Medicine

Whorton, Douglas

Wong, Chester -B.A., M.D.
(1951 – School of Lab Tech.) Parasitology
Instructor, Department of Microbiology

Wong, Lois W. PhD
– (October 1952) – Parasitology


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